Website Theme Creation

We can create custom themes as part of one of our hosting packages, or as a standalone project for your use.  Because of our hosting packages we categorize our prices in accordance with them, but anything is possible in the magical land of Cascading Style Sheets.

Template Examples available out there

Theme Design Options

  1. Static HTML
  2. Wordpress
  3. Joomla Basic
  4. Joomla Advanced

This option can be used to extend our Static HTML hosting package with a once-off design fee. Although the basic design will remain the same, we will adapt basic element for up to five different pages for your website, such as a gallery page, contact page or home page. Without our hosting package, the theme will be supplied in a standardized index.html file.

Wordpress is one of the leading Content Management Systems (CMS) currently available. Even better it’s absolutely free. Mainly used for blogs, it possesses a user friendly interface with some limited enhancement plugins. Because it uses php to link to a database, the system creates dynamic sites from your posted content. This means that you will have complete control over the links and pages on your site, and are able to dynamically update the site on your own – with no knowledge of coding required.

For further Wordpress extensions and options, give as a holler and we can work out a custom quote for you.

If Wordpress is the ultimate blogging CMS, Joomla! is the ultimate, all-round CMS. It can be used for blogs too – and works quite well for it, but its true power comes from the multitude of extensions it has available. Because the system is so sophisticated, the user interface is a bit more advanced. However, we will supply you with free training so you can manage the site for yourself if you wish.

Because of Joomla!’s multitude of extensions, you might want to select the best plugins possible. As part of the advanced theme creation, we will research the options for you based on your needs, and create the theme to incorporate these plugins flawlessly into the design. Such options includes, E-Commerce options, User Forums, Polls, Calendars and much more.

For further Joomla! extensions and options, give as a holler and we can work out a custom quote for you.

 Template examples available out there

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